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The Team4Tech Community of Practice is the place for educators, NGO leaders, and volunteers worldwide with the common goal of using technology to support under-resourced learners in gaining the skills they need for education and economic success.

Join us to share best practices, attend educational workshops, ask and answer questions, and build meaningful connections with our global network of nonprofit leaders, educators, and volunteers.

Who we are.

Team4Tech is a trusted impact accelerator for educators and NGO leaders serving learners in under-resourced communities. We exist to help our partners harness the power of technology and evidence-based practices to help all learners master the skills they need to achieve employability.   

You belong here.

If you are an educator or nonprofit organization that is focused on improving quality learning opportunities for learners in under-resourced areas, you belong here—our organization exists to support you. Jump in and see how your organization can benefit.

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We are providing the Team4Tech Community to NGOs free of charge. We are thrilled to have you join us, share your work, and learn with us. Please select one of the plans below to join the community of practice. Registration takes less than two minutes, and you will have instant access to hundreds of resources. 

How we make an impact.

In our first year, we shared more than 400 carefully vetted and tested educational resources. We trained more than 300 educators to use ChatGPT and hosted over 50 events providing access to materials and resources. Our ongoing evaluation shows that we have improved resources for staff training and student learning. Community members can progress through custom-built courses and earn certificates of completion at no charge. Our four regional hubs connect online and deepen those connections through collaboration with our regionally based hub coordinators. 

Our community speaks for itself.

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